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11 June 2007

PureShare Active Metrics Provides Claims Metrics for Public Entities

The Public Entity Risk Institute (PERI) has enhanced its PERI Data Exchange with "high-definition" claims metrics to faciliate the organization's goal of providing statistical claim comparisons among different types of governments and against specific governmental functions.

The Data Exchange has been generating liability and workers’ compensation benchmarking reports for two years using formulas that are common to most governmental entities. It was recently enhanced with PureShare ActiveMetrics, which mediates between users and the Data Exchange to deliver clear answers to common queries in highly visual formats. Currently, 10,000 governments across 21 states are Data Exchange users.

Mary Stewart, Director of Research and Development at PERI, said that PERI chose PureShare ActiveMetrics "as the means for publishing claims metrics in the context of national, state, and peer group benchmarks. PureShare’s ActiveMetrics framework enables PERI to develop rapidly interactive displays that make use of graphics, colors, mouseovers, and drill-downs to better communicate information."

Users of the data exchange are given a series of queries to extract claim information from the data warehouse by selecting key parameters which determine the type of comparison (i.e., state versus national, type of loss, peer group). PureShare ActiveMetrics then generates the dashboards, allowing users to focus attention by highlighting problem areas.

PERI Data Exchange users pay an annual fee to use the dashboards, which are available online through the PERI website at

You can read about the Data Exchange and enhanced new ActiveMetrics reports in this article written by Mary Stewart.